A Trailing Mind...

“Write a blog” they said.  “A blog is a great way to market your business” they said.  “It will be fun” they said.  So here is my inaugural blog.

Donahue has been in business since 1962.  That makes the company history longer than my lifetime.  I grew up in a stable farm family.  Lived a great farm kid life and had a fantastic dog, Geronimo.  He was bred one half German Shepherd and one half American Wolf; to be deployed by the “Big Red One” 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kansas.  Geronimo had too much fur, however, and would get too hot during exercises.

Somehow my dad, Charles, heard they needed to find homes for these “half-breeds”; and he was able to bring one home.  Geronimo was very intelligent and protective.  He was the “Best Dog Ever”.  Well, that was until Thor, the white/sable colored German Shepherd.

Thor (“In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind”, thank you Wikipedia) and he was a pure German Shepherd Dog (insiders call them GSD’s).  Statuesque and unique; he shared his fourteen year life with our family in both McPherson and Marion, Kansas.  Mild-tempered, friendly and great around kids, he truly was the “Best Dog Ever”.   He succumbed to cancer the spring of 2016.  I still miss him. 

But now we have Leif (pronounced Layf, like the great 10th Century Icelandic explorer).  His curiosity has not yet overcome his timidity, but I know he’s getting stronger and more confident on a daily basis.  He’s still a pup, but is getting wiser and hopefully will outgrow his penchant for chewing on semi-fresh cow patties.  He is my next “Best Dog Ever”.   Here’s even a picture of him, shortly after getting him to the farm:


Doggy Picture.png


Now that I have your attention, I must admit that I researched what an effective blog should do.  The experts say effective promoting should include feeling and some level of cleverness.  Well, I have just documented parts of over 45 years of having wonderful dogs in my life (that’s the feeling part).  Donahue has been around for 55 years; that’s 385 years in dog-years (that’s the clever part).

Bottom line: Donahue has been in business for a long time because we make outstanding products, we serve great industries and we value our exceptional customers.  Check us out! 

Doug Kjellin

President / Owner