The fast, safe and easy way to solve your transporting needs. trailer is easily lowered and raised, without hydraulics, for low maintenance.

Donahue's Implement Carriers make the process of loading and unloading farm equipment easier than ever before. The exclusive lay-flat design is available in ten models ranging from standard duty single frame to heavy duty double frames. Carry up to 16,000 lbs with Donahue's 9 x 48DR model, or opt for the smaller 10,000 lbs carrying capacity of the 6 x 21SR. No matter the job, Donahue has an implement carrier to suit your needs.


Load and Unload in minutes with

Donahue's Exclusive Loading Method...

The 3 Step Process

1. To lower the bed to ground level simply engage wheel locks, release carrier bed clamps, then pull carrier bed forward.

2. As the bed rolls forward, units' undercarriage rotates to allow bed to roll down runners to ground level for loading implements.

3. Bed completely flat on ground. In this position, implements can be towed onto carrier bed. Once loaded, the bed is simply backed-up over the wheels. Secure bed clamps and release wheel locks.

Choose From 10 Models

Optional Equipment


Increase flotation on any single frame model with heavy duty 3x5 equalizer arms, larger spindles, 8-bolt hubs and 16" wheels.
Increase capacity from 10,000 lbs to 12,500 lbs on double frame models.


Eliminate hand cranking the jack stand. Simply pull a pin, drive forward and lower the carriers tongue for loading. To raise the tongue to the transport position back up and replace the hitch pin.


All double and single frame models are constructed of 4 1/2" round high carbon steel tubing.  3/16" formed c-channel steel floor, heavy duty jack stand and 15" wheels are standard.