Offering A Full Line of Utility, Flatbed, and Heavy-Duty Trailers

Donahue is dedicated to providing the highest quality trailers available on the market today. Offering eight separate trailer designs and multiple configurations, Donahue is guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you are hauling a 10,000 pound swather or 500 pound lawn mower, when there's work to do... Donahue!

Implement Carriers

The trailer that started it all... Donahue's Implement Carriers lay flat on the ground to make loading and unloading equipment a breeze.


Stock Trailers

Aerodynamic styling and smooth sides team-up to make the easiest towing trailer in the industry.


"Ranch Hand" Stock Trailer

A tough, rugged built trailer for today’s rancher with outstanding quality and strength.


Grain Trailers

Lower your vehicle taxes, insurance, and upkeep by hooking up to a Donahue Grain Trailer. Use one pickup and several trailers to meet your hauling needs.


Flatbed Trailers

With two separate designs and three lengths, Donahue is guaranteed to offer a flatbed trailer that meets your needs. Choose From flip-over ramps or straight decks, gooseneck or straight tongue, and tandem, triple, or dual tandem axles.


812-30 Expandable Trailer

The 812-30 is designed to safely transport extra wide equipment. Equipped with a 12V hydraulic pump and cylinders to expand and retract the deck to legal width. Hook up to the heaviest loads easily with the hydraulic jack stand. Expanded metal on the hinged beavertail and spring-assisted heavy duty ramps.



The new hydraulic dovetail trailer eliminates the need for flip-over or pull-out ramps. The ten foot hinged dovetail can be lowered to the ground or brought four degrees above level with a simple push of a button With an 8,000 pound lift capacity and 4,000 pound hauling capacity, the hydraulic dovetail can handle a wide range of equipment and loads.



The new slide-tilt flatbed trailer eliminates steep load angles. The bed slides back from 5' to go from 13.5 degrees to 9.5 degrees loading angle. It prevents high-centering on low ground clearance vehicles & equipment.


DB-22-G Detachable Flatbed Trailer

As roads and highways become faster and more congested, the Detachable Flatbed Trailer allows for transportation of attachments and loads which are too wide to be safely or legally pulled.


Swather Carrier

Save time and wear on your Swather by safely transporting it from field to field with one of Donahue's Swather Carriers. Rubber torsion axles with electric brakes give you a smooth and safe ride, while the 72" axle track keeps the trailer tires on the road when moving over for traffic.


Contractor's Trailers

The rock solid construction and durability of Donahue's Contractor's Trailers are perfect for anyone who demands versatility and reliability in a smaller package. Offered with a straight tongue or gooseneck, Donahue's Contractor's Trailers are designed to stand up to the toughest jobs.


Sport Utility Trailers

Whether you're hauling lawn debris, firewood, or hunting equipment, Donahue's line of sport utility trailers is sure to exceed your expectations. Available in four separate models, Donahue's sport utility trailers come standard with 12 gauge steel full-length fenders, 12 gauge smooth steel foor, 3,500 lb spring axle, and much more.